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E4S 23.08 - Perlmutter

The e4s-23.08 stack is built using the Spack branch e4s-23.08 on Perlmutter using the gcc, nvhpc, and cce compilers. This stack can be loaded by running:

module load e4s/23.08

Once you load the module, you can list all spack environments by running

elvis@perlmutter> spack env list
==> 4 environments
    cce  cuda  gcc  nvhpc

In-order to access software, you are required to activate one of the spack environments. For instance to access the cuda environment, you can run the following

elvis@perlmutter> spack env activate cuda

You can confirm your active environment by running spack env st. If you have ran the previous command, you should see the following:

elvis@perlmutter>spack env st
==> In environment cuda

You can query all packages by running spack find and load packages into your user environment via spack load.

Breakdown of Installed Specs

Shown below is a breakdown of installed specs by environment.

Spack Environments Compiler Root Specs Implicit Specs Installed Packages Required Modules
gcc gcc@12.3.0 78 230 307 PrgEnv-gnu, gcc-native/12.3
cuda gcc@12.3.0 18 68 95 PrgEnv-gnu, gcc-native/12.3, cudatoolkit/12.2
nvhpc nvhpc@23.9 5 6 12 PrgEnv-nvhpc, nvhpc/23.9
cce cce@17.0.0 7 7 14 PrgEnv-cray, cce/17.0.0