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NCAR Graphics

NCAR Graphics is a Fortran and C based software package for scientific visualization. NCAR provides official documentation regarding NCAR Graphics.

NCAR Graphics is no longer supported

NCAR no longer supports NCAR Graphics. It has been replaced by GeoCAT, which is a collection of Python packages related to the NCAR Command Language NCL, which also is no longer being developed. Consequently, NCAR Graphics software available NERSC is provided "as is" and without support, and may be removed at a future date. NERSC users are strongly encouraged to migrate their workflows to GeoCAT.

Usage Summary

NCL is available on Cori as the module ncl, which provides the NCAR Graphics compiler wrappers ncargf77, ncargf90, and ncargcc. The ncar module defines the environment variables NCAR and NCARC which contain the full list of compiler switches required to compile NCAR Graphics applications.

The following is a list of related Web documentation for NCL: