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FFTW3 is a C subroutine library with Fortran interfaces for computing complex-to-complex and real-to-complex/complex_to_real single and multidimensional discrete Fourier transforms (DFTs). The library also includes routines to compute discrete cosine and sine transforms (DCTs/DSTs) on even and odd data, respectively.

To use FFTW 3.x, load the module cray-fftw or cray-fftw/<version>

In FFTW 3.x, the single- and double-precision routine names are unique, and therefore both libraries automatically appear on the link line when the fftw module is loaded, so that a user's program can call single- or double-precision routines. The single- and double-precision libraries are libfftw3f.a and libfftw3.a, respectively.


Additional details are available in the intro_fftw3 man pages.

perlmutter$ man intro_fftw3


When using CMake for compiling your codes, it is advisable to manually point to the FFTW directory using the CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH. This ensures the library files are available at the time of compilation. The cray-fftw module stores the path in the variable FFTW_ROOT.

perlmutter$ CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH=$FFTW_ROOT cmake </path/to/CMakeLists.txt>