NERSC Help and Support

NERSC strives to be the most user friendly supercomputing center in the world.


Help Desk

The online help desk is the preferred method for contacting NERSC.


NERSC Consultants handle thousands of support requests per year. In order to ensure efficient timely resolution of issues include as much of the following as possible when making a request:

  • error messages
  • jobids
  • location of relevant files
    • input/output
    • job scripts
    • source code
    • executables
  • output of module list
  • any steps you have tried
  • steps to reproduce

Phone support

The ticketing system is the preferred method of contacting NERSC. NERSC staff can be reached at 1-800-66-NERSC (USA) or 510-486-8600 (local and international). Consulting and account support are only available during NERSC business hours (8-5 US Pacific). Password reset requests are available through NERSC Operations 24/7.