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Community Supported Tools

We encourage contributions from workflow tool developers and the NERSC user community on this page. NERSC staff may not be familiar with all workflow tools presented here, so we encourage you to reach out directly to the tool developers for questions and support. To help us better understand which tools you are using or interested in, please don't hesitate to open a ticket at This information is helpful for NERSC staff to gauge how best to support users.


Papermill is a tool that allows users to run Jupyter notebooks 1) via the command line and 2) in an easily parameterizable way. Papermill is best suited for Jupyter users who would like to run the same notebook with different input values.


Nextflow is a data-centric workflow management tool which facilitates complex and reproducible scientific computational workloads.


libEnsemble is a complete Python toolkit for steering dynamic ensembles of calculations. Workflows are highly portable and easily detect/integrate heterogeneous resources. For instance, libEnsemble can automatically detect, assign, and reassign allocated processors and GPUs to ensemble members.