Computational Systems

Getting Started

You can log in to NERSC systems using SSH (Secure Shell) with the following command from any UNIX, Linux, FreeBSD, etc. command shell or terminal:

ssh -l username

There are several SSH-capable clients available for Windows, Mac, and UNIX/Linux machines. NERSC does not support or recommend any particular client.


The login nodes are situated behind a load balancer, so you may be connected to different login nodes at different times. If you make use of a tool like screen or tmux, note which login node your sessions are on, and after initially logging on to Cori you can ssh to a specific login node.

Computational systems hosted at NERSC use the Slurm batch scheduler system. Documentation and instructions for using Slurm can be found here.

Cori Genepool

A subset of nodes on Cori, the flagship supercomputer at NERSC, are reserved for exclusive use by JGI by using JGI-specific "quality of service" (QOS) submissions. Full functionality of Cori is also available to JGI users such as the Burst Buffer, Shifter, and more.

Cori ExVivo

ExVivo is a specialized system used to run JGI applications requiring more shared memory than available on standard Cori Genepool hardware.