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Transferring Data to / from Perlmutter Scratch

Perlmutter scratch is only accessible from Perlmutter login or compute nodes.

NERSC has set up a dedicated Globus Endpoint on Perlmutter that has access to Perlmutter Scratch as well as the Community and Homes File Systems at NERSC. This is the recommended way to transfer large volumes of data to/from Perlmutter scratch.

Alternatively, for small transfers you can use scp on a Perlmutter login node.

Larger datasets could also be staged on the Community File System (which is available on Perlmutter) either with Globus, or a cp, or rsync on a Data Transfer Node. Once the data is on the Community File System, you can use cp, or rsync from a Perlmutter login node to copy the data to Perlmutter scratch.