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The development cycle for the Superfacility API is designed to maintain maximum stability for research workflows while at the same time allowing for new features to be added quickly and transparently.

To meet these requirements, the API has both a protocol version and a software version.

Protocol version

The protocol version of the API is embedded in the URL syntax; for example,

Changes to the protocol version are rare; they would only increment if non-backwards-compatible features are added. (An example of this would be wholesale changes to the request or response payload of an endpoint.) API changes that are simply additive -- in other words, new features and bug fixes -- the protocol version (and the URL) will remain the same.

If the API protocol version is upgraded, the previous version will remain operational for 12 months.

Software version

The software version of the API is denoted by a code in the changelog based on the release date of the change. You can view the software version changes via the /meta/changelog API.

Each released software version will generate a changelog entry. Software versions may cycle rapidly during periods of active development; nominally, new versions are released on an approximately weekly interval, with the exception of emergency bug fixes.